Company Profile

AnaCon Laboratories, Inc. was founded and operated by Bruce Klingler for over 47 years. Prior to starting AnaCon, Klingler worked as a research chemist for Cee Bee Chemical, developing products and inhibitor systems for chemistries for aircraft, cleaning and process products for metal finishing. Later Cee Bee was purchased by McGean Chemical Company and Bruce started working with research and field testing of brightener systems for various types of plating baths.

The laboratory was initially started for research on a product to be used on the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and called R&D Services. Work was performed evenings and weekends. After completion of SR-71 project, a rudimentary laboratory stood idle. Co-workers suggested Bruce open a testing laboratory for metal finishing and so he did, for 47 years.

Consulting was a big part of AnaCon as well as testing, analysis, metallurgy, corrosion, many others), product development, QPL testing.

Due to political reasons, AnaCon Laboratories, Inc. was closed and Bruce started 1st Choice Consulting, bringing with him 40 years of experience and knowledge.

1st Choice Consulting is a service based business, primarily Consulting, however we are equipped to perform testing and plans to increase those capabilities as needed. NADCAP accreditation has been re-established. The name AnaCon Lab, Inc. has been established and approved as AnaCon Laboratories, Inc. dba 1st Choice Consulting. See Certification & Approvals

Contact Information

Phone: 951-781-9724
Fax: 951-222-2271
Address: 425 W. La Cadena Dr., Suite 8, Riverside CA 92501