Data Charts

Over the years we have compiled various charts and reference sheets that have been helpful for many as a reference, and made our annual calendars very popular.

We have collected them here from our files because of the requests that have been received, If you find them useful please let us know by sending an email. New sheets will be added as they are developed and you are welcome to suggest ideas for new data sheets.

Free for the asking
  • Addition Computation Chart Tank Size - Gallons
  • Metallic Contamination Tolerances
  • Hydrometer Conversion Tables
  • Hardness Relationship Scales
  • Commonly Used Chemical Names
  • Table of Conversion Factors
  • Conversion Factors US to Metric
  • Conversion Factors for Converting Data - Metals Listed
  • Chemical Symbols
  • Densities of Commercial Acids
  • Temperature Conversion Tables

    Interested in other charts? Let us know what you would like to see.