For Preparation of Standards, Titrants, Bench Solutions and Indicators.

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Document Title Document No.
Total Organic Carbon – Persulfate Oxidation Reagent ATM-1-126
Acid Copper Chloride Reference Standard ATM-3-001
Alizarin Yellow R Indicator ATM-3-002
Alpha Naphtholbenzein ATM-3-003
Ammonium Bifluoride 8 g/L ATM-3-004
Ammonium Chloride 1.0 molar ATM-3-005
Ammonium Chloride 0.10 molar ATM-3-006
Ammonium Molybdate 40 g/L (4.0% w/v) ATM-3-007
Ammonium Molybdate (for phosphates) mixture ATM-3-008
Ammonium Oxalate 4% w/v ATM-3-009
Ammonium Persulfate 10% w/v ATM-3-010
Ammonium Vanadate 0.25% w/v ATM-3-011
Anodize Type I pH 1.1 Buffer (for Chromic Anodize) ATM-3-012
Ascorbic Acid 0.1 molar ATM-3-013
Barium Chloride 10% w/v ATM-3-014
Barium Chloride 20% w/v ATM-3-015
Bromate/Bromide 0.1 normal ATM-3-016
Bromocresol Green Indicator ATM-3-017
Bromocresol Purple Indicator ATM-3-018
Bromothyomal Blue Indicator ATM-3-020
Bromothyomal Blue/Bromocresol Purple Indicator ATM-3-021
Ceric Ammonium Sulfate 0.100 Normal ATM-3-022
Chloryl Hydrate 20% w/v ATM-3-023
Chromic Acid Reference Matrix (for SO4 & Cr+3) ATM-3-024
Phosphoric/Sulfuric Acid Mix ATM-3-025
Chromotropic Acid Mixture ATM-3-026
Cresol Red Indicator ATM-3-027
Cupric Chloride 0.100 molar ATM-3-028
D.A.B.R. (Dimethylamino-Benzylidine Rhodanine) Indicator ATM-3-029
Dichromate Indicator 2% w/v ATM-3-030
Eastman #5314 (p-Ethoxychrysoidin-Monohydrochloride) Indicator ATM-3-031
E.D.T.A. 0.0575 molar ATM-3-032
E.D.T.A. (Ethylene-Diamine Tetraactic Acid-Di-Sodium Salt) 5% ATM-3-033
Erichrome Black-T Indicator ATM-3-034
Ferric Alum Indicator (0.10 molar) ATM-3-035
Ferric Chloride 1.0 molar ATM-3-036
Ferrion Indicator ATM-3-037
F.A.S. (Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate) 0.100 normal ATM-3-038
Fluoride Standard 1.9 g/L ATM-3-039
Formaldehyde 8% v/v ATM-3-040
Harshaw ZD-100 (pH 2.0 Buffer) ATM-3-041
Harshaw ZD-100 (methyl alcohol mixture) ATM-3-042
Hydrochloric Acid 6 normal ATM-3-043
Hydrochloric Acid 50% v/v ATM-3-044
Hydrochloric Acid 0.500 normal ATM-3-045
Hydrochlorination Reagent (Acid Acceptance Vapor Degreasers) ATM-3-046
Igepal Solution ATM-3-047
Iodine 0.100 normal ATM-3-048
KenCad Buffer ATM-3-049
LaMotte Sulfo-Orange Indicator ATM-3-050
LaMotte Sulfo-Orange + Sodium Cyanide (For total caustic analysis) ATM-3-051
M.A.E. (Multipurpose AnodizingElectrolyte) reference standard ATM-3-052
Mercuric Bichloride ATM-3-053
Mercuric Nitrate 0.010 normal ATM-3-054
Methyl Orange Indicator ATM-3-055
Methyl Red Indicator ATM-3-056
Methylthyomol Blue Indicator ATM-3-057
Molybdenium/Vanadate Mixture ATM-3-058
Murexide Indicator ATM-3-059
Napthol Green B + Murexide Indicator ATM-3-060
Nickel Ammonium Sulfate Reference Standard ATM-3-061
Nitric Acid 50% v/v ATM-3-062
Osmium Tetroxide 0.010 molar ATM-3-063
Phenolphthalein Indicator ATM-3-064
pH Extraction Solution for ASTM-D-2110 ATM-3-065
Pipette Cleaning Solution ATM-3-066
Potassium Antimonyl Tartrate ATM-3-067
Potassium Dichromate 0.10 normal ATM-3-068
Potassium Dichromate 0.250 normal ATM-3-069
Potassium Ferrocyanide (saturated) ATM-3-070
Potassium Fluoride 10% w/v (for sulfuric anodize titrations) ATM-3-071
Potassium lodate 0.100 normal ATM-3-072
Potassium Iodate 10% w/v ATM-3-073
Potassium Permanganate 0.100 normal ATM-3-074
Q.A.S Solution (0.020 molar) ATM-3-075
Rochelle Salt 1.0 molar ATM-3-076
Sandoz Dye Buffer Solution pH 3.6 ATM-3-077
Sandoz Dye Buffer Solution pH 9.0 ATM-3-078
Schiff’s Reagent (HCHO determination in Nickel Solutions) ATM-3-079
Silver Nitrate 0.100 normal ATM-3-080
Silver Nitrate 0.010 normal ATM-3-081
Sodium Acetate 2.0 molar ATM-3-082
Sodium Chloride 0.100 normal ATM-3-083
Sodium Gluconate 20% w/v ATM-3-084
Sodium Hydroxide 5.0 normal ATM-3-085
Sodium Hydroxide 10 normal (stock concentrate) ATM-3-086
Sodium Hydroxide 0.100 normal ATM-3-087
Sodium Hydroxide 10% w/v ATM-3-088
Sodium Hydroxide 20% w/v ATM-3-089
Sodium Oxalate 0.100 normal ATM-3-090
Sodium Thiocyanate 0.100 normal ATM-3-091
Sodium Thiosulfate 0.100 normal ATM-3-092
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate Standard ATM-3-093
Starch Indicator 1.0% w/v ATM-3-094
Stress Reducer (Sel-Rex 10-03s) reference standard ATM-3-095
Stress Reducer Analytical Indicator ATM-3-096
Sulfosalicylic Acid 10% w/v ATM-3-097
Sulfuric Acid 0.500 normal ATM-3-098
Sulfuric Acid 1.00 normal ATM-3-099
Sulfuric Acid 25% v/v ATM-3-100
Sulfuric Acid 50% v/v ATM-3-101
Sulfuric Acid 6 normal (approx. 16% v/v) ATM-3-102
T.I.S.A.B. (Fluoride analysis in chromium solutions by I.S.E.) ATM-3-103
TB Indicator (for Kenlevel Brighter analysis) ATM-3-104
Thymol Blue Indicator ATM-3-105
Thymolphthalein Indicator ATM-3-106
Tri-N-Butyl Phosphate ATM-3-107
Triethanolamine 20% v/v ATM-3-108
Trivalent Chromium Standard (for spectrophotometric method) ATM-3-109
Tropeoline O Indicator ATM-3-110
Sulfate Standard (for calibration of centrifuges) ATM-3-111
C.A.S.S. Saline Solution for C.A.S.S. ATM-3-112
Preparation of 5% w/w Saline Solution for Salt Spray ATM-3-113
Fluoride Standard 0.100 molar ATM-3-114
Fluoride Standard 1.00 molar ATM-3-115
Formaldehyde Reference Standard ATM-3-116
Sodium Chloride 1.00 molar ATM-3-117
Total Organic Carbon Standard Preparation T.O.C. ATM-3-118
Fluoride Standard 0.19 ATM-3-119
Ferric Chloride 1.0 Molar – CeeBee Sequesterant ATM-3-120
Calcium Chloride ATM-3-121
Chrome Reducer Reagent ATM-3-122
Sodium Periodate 0.05 Normal ATM-3-123
Sodium Fluoride ATM-3-124
Zinc Buffer ATM-3-125
Potassium Thiocyanate 0.100N ATM-3-127
Potassium Iodide 10% Weight/vol ATM-3-128
Ceric Sulfate 0.100 N ATM-3-129