Test Panels

We offer test panels, cut to required specifications, for metal finishing process conformance testing and product testing. All metal orders are accompanied with material certifications.

All aluminum panels are covered with PVC on one or both sides.

Precautions have been taken, however no guarantees that steel panels will not have a light to moderate flash rust. If processed properly this will have no effect on test results.

Panels listed are stocked and ready for shipment with cert. We carry super alloys as well as other prepared test panels. If you do not find what you need, please call. Special orders of sizes, alloys and quantity discounts welcome.

We will be adding new alloys as required.

Normally shipped UPS next working day after confirmation of order.

Normal sizes used per most specifications: (Most common)

1 × 4 used for bend adhesion, thickness, hardness testing

3 × 3 used for coating weights

4 × 4/Hole used for taber abrasion testing

4 × 6 & 3 × 10 used for salt spray

4 × 5 used for Passivation (stainless steel) salt spray

  • AMS-QQ-A-250/4E, AMS-4037
  • AMS-QQ-A-250/5
  • QQ-A-250/30, MIL-A-8920 (plate)
  • AMS QQ-A-250/11F, AMS-4027
  • AMS 4050, 4201, BMS-7-194 (plate)
  • AMS-QQ-A-250/12F, AMS-4045
  • AMS-4088, AMS-4049, QQ-A-250/13, QQ-A-250/25
  • ASTM-A-240/480
  • AMSE-SA-240/92, ASTM-A-240/92b, QQ-S-765/Q88
  • AMSE-SA-240/A94, ASTM-A-240/94, QQ-S-766D
  • UNS-G10100, AISI-1000 Series
  • AMS-6345, Mil-S-18729
  • CASS Calibration Panels
  • Embrittlement Notch Bars