Testing Capabilities

Taber Abrasion (ISO 10074, ASTM D 4060)

Rockwell Hardness and Superficial (Scales, C, HRBW, HR15N, HR30N, HR45N)

Hydrogen Embrittlement (ASTM E 8, ASTM F 519 TYPE 1a and 1c)

Micro Hardness (Vickers, Knoop) ASTM E 92, ASTM B 578

Micro section thickness ASTM B 487

Failure Analysis

Bend Adhesion (ASTM B 571)

Porosity Ferroxyl Test (AMS 2460, QQ C 320C)

Wet Tape Adhesion (Mil DTL 5541, Fed-Std-141/6301)

Intergranular Attack (BSS 7219, ASTM F 2111, 5PTPGL03)

Silver Resistance (SCGPS 06006)

Specific Gravity/Density (ASTM D 792)

Solderability + Steam Aging (Fed-Std-202, method 208, IPC/ECA J-STD-002C, ASTM B 678)

Grain Size (Heyns Linear Method)

Dubpernell, pore count, no C.A.S.S. required (ASTM B 456 x4)

Sulfur in Electroplated Nickel (ASTM B 456 X3.2)

KOCOUR Thickness testing (ASTM B 504, ASTM B 456)

KOCOUR S.T.E.P. testing (ASTM B 456, ASTM B 764)

High Humidity (AMS 2700)

Viscosity LVT (ASTM D 2196)

Specular Gloss (ASTM D 523)

Eddy Current Thickness (ASTM B 244, ASTM E 1004)